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Employee states Sony recalled original PlayStation 4 controllers from stores

Here is a picture of both of my personal DUALSHOCK 4 controllers, which clearly shows the same problem.
Here is a picture of both of my personal DUALSHOCK 4 controllers, which clearly shows the same problem.

In purchasing the PlayStation 4 at launch, or even an additional DUALSHOCK 4 controller, many consumers have noticed the rubber on the analogue stick coming off, particularly the left analogue. In asking around, to ensure this was not an isolated problem with just our controllers, since we purchased the system and an extra controller, I asked around and found that this is very common among other PlayStation 4 owners. It was not the continuous Resogun-action that resulted in this left-only analogue stick dilemma.

The left-analogue distress call has seemed to be answered
Sony PlayStation

In checking out the PlayStation 4 display at a local Best Buy, the issue was certainly noted there, as well. It is rather odd that it seems to be an issue with just one analogue stick and not both. Pictures can be seen above of the display and the controller issue.

A source, which will remain anonymous-but I will say is in the form of a Best Buy manager, told me this weekend that the controllers were collected and replaced with new ones. This was not reported in the news that Sony was doing their part to correct the issue to leave the customer assured that there will be no further complications in this department. This is odd as well because one would think it would be great to address to the public. Sony did seem to respond to this concern back in January to TheSixAxis stating:

A very small number of users have reported to us that the rubber surface of their Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK®4′s analogue sticks have torn.

Although the rubber material of the analogue sticks fulfils our quality assurance standard, we will inspect individual DUALSHOCK®4 controllers experiencing this symptom, and will replace them with new ones for free as long as they are within the warranty.

In purchasing a second PlayStation 4 console for my home, to minimize arguments on whose turn it is to play it in a family of passionate gamers (myself, my husband, and my three sons), I noticed that the rubber on the analogue sticks are a bit different. Rather than a soft gummy feel to them, they seem a bit sturdier with a different texture that is a bit bumpy and seemingly tougher. With no issues with the new system's controller, I am crossing my fingers that the issue is resolved.

While I believe the "very small number of users" is not quite accurate, there is definitely hope as the problem seems to have been addressed. For those who have an issue with the PlayStation 4's DUALSHOCK 4 controller, similar to the one seen in the images above, contact customer support at 1-800-345-SONY. You will need to send in a photocopy of the receipt, which, from a consumer's standpoint, I do not agree with this, since it is quite evident that this is a known issue. What happens to those who received it as a gift? All that should be needed is the serial number to the distressed controller. I have one controller that is currently sent out to them and I am awaiting my replacement, before I send my second one out, because I surely do not want to be out two controllers at once. They gave an estimate of two weeks, in total, to receive my replacement and unfortunately, it has been out for a little over two weeks now. I can't imagine being out two controllers for that long.

Do you have an issue with the PlayStation 4's DUALSHOCK 4 controller? Has your concern been resolved? Let us know the actions taken, if it has been resolved, and how long it took in the comments below for your fellow PlayStation 4 friends.

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