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Unconditional love - the fabric that binds

Unconditional love means you can have different opinions but the same love!
Unconditional love means you can have different opinions but the same love!
Brian J Farrar

How sweet to remember the day when love was unconditional. Unconditional love in families and other relationships made the world seem a little less cold and a little less daunting. Sadly, the days of unconditional love seem to be going by the wayside much like the electric typewriter or the hand-crank ice cream machine.
Everyone sees the world a little differently. We have always seen the world a little different. From biblical times, the elders sat by the city gates debating the passionate topics of the day. In more recent times, the coffee house has been a place of great debate. The exchange of ideas and opinions has always been part of the world. Along with these – unconditional love was a part of the world.
Words like “worldview” describe how individuals see the victories and defeats that inevitably happen around them. We all have our causes – those things we are passionate about. The problem is; love is not the greatest cause. We are forgetting that love is what bound us together in the first place. It wasn’t the politics or the day that drew people together. Far greater than any political issue was a deep desire for the good of another person.
In modern times, we have forgotten the value of love. An attitude of, “If you don’t agree with me, I’ll unfriend you” has taken the place of, “I disagree with your view, but I love you”. Some of the places where this is seen the most happens in politics and religion. Unconditional love has given way to conditional love. If you step out of line with someone else’s beliefs; the results can be heartbreaking.
It’s not too late to practice unconditional love. We can have differing opinions but love can be the basis of every relationship. Politics and religion are great to talk about and even debate, however, when the basis of every relationship is unbreakable love, something greater than the issues of the day stitch people together. Unconditional love covers every difference and rejoices in relationships rather than destroying relationships.


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