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Unconditional love from pets results in unconditional love from owners

Anyone that’s owned a pet in their life has known that pets give unconditional love. They don’t judge you or hold a grudge. Pets are always glad to see you and if you treat them well, you soon become their whole life.

Bella at the creek
Robin H

One person who learned this lesson early on was Robin . As a child she often rescued animals and brought unwanted or injured pets home. Robin always felt like she and pets were ‘kindred spirits.’ She knows this well and even considers they were the reason she is here today even when her childhood was bad, they were there for her. Pets are above all things loyal. Robin knew what she wanted to do with her life after her step dad who raised her died in a tragic accident. She was amazed at the fact that 500 people showed up when they commemorated his life. They all spoke of the wonderful man he was and she decided she wanted to make a wanted to leave a legacy. She knew she wanted her years here on earth to mean something.

“Millions of shelter animals die every year because people want pure breeds, dogs without issues or puppies. What most don't realize is all of these types of animals are in the shelter system today.”

There is so much to tell that this article will just briefly describe the dogs these folks healed. There will be more detailed information in other articles. The first dog Robin and her fiancé rescued was Bella. This was an 8 year old Boxer that had been bred every year till she was 8. She was to be euthanized soon and so they saved her. “She is now 12 ½ years old and still in her forever home.”

Next came Dante, who was a 5 year old Lab/Rottie mix who was a stray. Again, they rescued him just in time.

These kind hearted folks began rescuing with Rescue a Bulldog Shelter in Baltimore.One of their dogs was 72 hours away from euthanization, but he only had 2 hours left when these folks adopted him. Two years after Dante, they were arranging some fairly complicated logistics to bring Marley from a Baltimore shelter called BARCS to safety.

When they heard about 2 Pit bull sisters who were at the end of their time, they immediately acted. The two Pit bulls named Lucy and Blu were only 3 months old and have recently celebrated their 3rd birthday.

These folks have opened their home and hearts to numerous pets and are still advocating for all shelter rescue animals.

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