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Unclutter Your Mind and Life

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Lifestyle and wellness expert, Estelle Shaw founder of, ( and a collection of fitness products, has come up with a simple system to stay organized by creating a system to keep clutter under control. If your physical surroundings are cluttered chances are your mind is too. She recommends that when life starts to feel overwhelming, to take a look around and see what is out of balance. Cleaning out a closet or a drawer may be the therapy you need to unclutter your physical surroundings so you can focus on inner stress that may be troubling you. Simplifying your lifestyle will do wonders for your mental outlook.

Estelle says, "I am passionate about helping women focus on health and wellness without asking them to devote precious time exclusively to exercise."

Estelle has come up with three simple tips for getting rid of physical clutter and spring cleaning your life:

1. Get organized. If you have a hard time findings things in your closets or if they are too full, try categorizing your clothes on hangers. Separating garments by season or style may help. Twice a year, go through your closet and anything that hasn't been worn can be donated. Adopt the philosophy that when you buy something new, something old should be donated. If your storage closets are overflowing, create labels on shelves everyone knows where things belong. You can store some items in containers with lids to create more space. You can expand your space by stacking items in labeled containers.

2. Donate. Keep a box labeled donations for your kid's outgrown clothes and one for outgrown toys. Once the boxes are full, drop them off at your local charity. Making your child a part of the process teaches them the concept of giving.

3. Work out your body and mind. Keeping physically active helps to clear the clutter from your mind and reduce stress. Get involved in activities that the entire family can participate in. Go on a nature walk or hike. Try yoga as it stills the mind and puts you in touch with your body. You can also improve your posture, flexibility, strength and balance. Some forms focus on meditation to bring you into the present moment of total relaxation. It's hard for women to slow down and smell the roses. Take time to meditate and reflect. Finding time to connect with yourself on a deeper level can help clear your mind and keep life in perspective. Learning to be in the moment makes you a better spouse, parent, and a better version of yourself.