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Uncle Roger knew that Adrien Broner wasn't the next coming of Floyd Mayweather

Marcos Maidana dropping Adrien Broner
Marcos Maidana dropping Adrien Broner
Naoki Fukuda

As seen in a post on on Tuesday, Dec. 17, outspoken trainer Roger Mayweather had a bold reaction upon hearing that Adrien Broner had suffered his first professional defeat.

The boxing world is still buzzing over Marcos Maidana’s upset victory over Broner this past weekend in San Antonio, Tex.

In front of over 11,000 partisans inside of the Alamodome, Maidana fought a spirited and determined fight, as his power had great effect on his younger foe. Knockdowns of Broner were registered in rounds two and eight while several bludgeoning shots were delivered in many of the other frames.

When the dust had settled, Maidana has claimed a unanimous decision victory while Broner was left trying to cope with his first professional setback.

Swinging through the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon, there were several mixed reactions to the fight.

Outspoken former two-division champion Roger Mayweather admittedly didn’t catch the action but seemed intrigued by what transpired.

“I heard he got his *ss whooped,” Roger stated bluntly of Broner. “I haven’t seen it, but I heard.”

On June 25 of this year, a few days after Broner’s split-decision nod over Paulie Malignaggi, Roger was asked if Broner had enough intangibles to be regarded as the future of boxing.

Roger was far from sold back then and is even more skeptical now.

“I can’t even see how they going to say that he’s the next boxing superstar,” Roger stated. “Who the f*ck did he beat? That’s why I want to know. Who did he beat?”

The fact that Broner was occasionally compared to Roger’s nephew Floyd, the sport’s best fighter at the moment, seemed to give him an unrealistic platform to reach.

Continuing his criticism, Roger insisted that he knew all along that wasn’t the case.

“He wasn’t what people thought he was,” Roger explained. “They thought he was the next Floyd Mayweather. Now that he got his *ss whooped, people are saying ‘Oh, this mother*cker wasn’t no Floyd.’ I know god damn well he wasn’t.”


*** To access the full, uncut interview with Roger, including bonus takes on Broner, please read Roger Mayweather on Adrien Broner: ‘They thought he was the next Floyd; now he got his ass whooped’

*** In other breaking news, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has stated that he is willing to work with Broner to fix what he sees as mistakes. To check out the video please visit Floyd Mayweather Sr. is interested in training Adrien Broner after the Maidana loss

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