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Uncle kills family dog in Greenville, SC charged with animal abuse

Pacco killed by a family member
Pacco killed by a family member

You would think in the 21st century humans would be more developed mentally and there would be no such thing as animal abuse or child abuse. Why is it that some "people" have no problem torturing or killing helpless beings? Does it make them feel better about themselves? Psycologists could try and justify this all day but we will never know what makes these people tick.

Lisa, a resident of Greenville, SC had to witness her beloved dog Pacco killed by such a depraved monster. Pacco was the tenth puppy in a litter of 13. Lisa and her 14 year old son Jared chose him from the litter. From day one Pacco was a spunky, energetic, playful dog. Little Pacco would spend his mornings lying in the sun in the front yard. Lisa and her family lived on the Edisto River. Although Pacco was an adventurous dog he did not like water. He would prance back and forth on the sand and maybe go in just up to his "knees."

He was Jared's dog and constant companion but he was Lisa's baby. He could be anywhere in the house or yard and as soon as Lisa said "That's momma's baby" he would come running to her.

On April 13, 2013 Lisa experiened every dog owner's worst nightmare. She recieved a phone call saying Pacco was shot and killed by a neighbor of nine days who was actually Lisa's ex brother in law and Jared's uncle, Wyly "Punch" Reeves. Lisa, sick to her stomach drove home as fast as she could. She called 911 while driving and upon reaching home she found out from her boyfriend Scotty that Wyly had indeed intentionally shot Pacco from across a field and then threw poor Pacco's lifeless little body into the river. A deputy arrived and Scotty wrote a statement on what he had witnessed. When the deputy went to Wyly Reeves door, the man who had just shot a helpless dog was suddenly too scared to come to the door. The deputy advised a report would be made and Lisa would hear from him in a few days. Jared, who was with a friend did not know his beloved dog Pacco had been killed by none other than his own uncle.

The poor boy ran to his room and sobbed uncontrollably and Lisa cried with him. He kept saying over and over again that he couldn't believe his uncle had killed his dog. Jared wanted to bury Pacco and was devastated to learn he could not be buried as his body was thrown into the river and could not be found.

The next morning Lisa arrived at the Sheriff's Department at 8:30am. The sheriff met with Lisa and listened to her story then sent her to see a Victim's Advocate. From there Lisa wen to see the judge. The judge promised Lisa that she would get a detective assigned to the case immediately. Later on that same day, a detective Andy Martin, contacted Lisa and came out to see her the following Tuesday. He also walked over and talk to Wyly Reeves who brazenly and boastfully told the detective that yes he had shot Pacco. When asked why, he lied and said Pacco was a Bull Mastiff and was about to attack him. When detectives came back over to talk to Lisa. When she showed them a picture of Pacco, who stood 13" & weighed maybe 15-20 lbs they were shocked that he was such a small dog and not the dangerous, large, aggressive dog Reeves made him out to be. Pacco looked like nothing more than a little black fox.

2 differents boats with 2-3 men in them, went to search for Pacco's body everyday for 3 days but, the river was so high at that time his body was never returned home. Dear. tiny Pacco was left to rest in the river he had feared so much.

The detective informed Lisa on Thursday, that Reeves had until 9 a.m. Friday morning to turn himself in to the Sheriff's Department or they would serve a warrant. He did so and when being booked he had a "seizure" and was taken to the hospital. He was soon returned to Sheriff's Department, by this time, he'd missed his bail hearing. He was kept overnight and the next morning was given $1000 bond. A friend of his posted it and he was released. He was charged with the crime of "killing an identifiable dog." which in our SC carries 0 to one year in jail and is considered a felony charge. The lawyers on the case upped the charge to animal cruelty, which carries 180+ days -5 years in prison. Also a felony.

To date Wyly "Punch" Reeves has had three continuances granted and will be tried again on April 13th, 2014. This will be his second animal cruelty/abuse charge. He has displayed no remorse for his actions nor does he care how bad he hurt Lisa and his own nephew Jared. Lisa does not know what the outcome of the trial will be but it is her wish that he is found guilty of the felony charge and loses his privilege to have a firearm. He still lives right across to field from them and after the case is over Lisa is fearful of what he may do.

Stories such as Lisa's not only break our hearts but teach us that there is still evil in this world and we must do our best to fight it and that monsters still walk the earth and do not disappear when the lights come on.

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