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'Uncharted 4' PS4 graphics, story links to previous games and more discussed

'The Last of Us Remastered'
'The Last of Us Remastered'
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

More graphics and storytelling details have been revealed for the tentatively-titled, "Uncharted 4." According to a report from Gamepur on June 2, Evan Wells teased that fans are going to end up being surprise at how visually-impressive the upcoming video game will be. Sony Computer Entertainment has kept fans in the dark as the publisher has only shown off a short teaser trailer with no real-time footage for the project so far.

A gameplay trailer is currently rumored to be shown off at E3 2014, however. The graphics for the software product is rumored by an insider to be better than the other PS4 and Xbox One games that have been shown off so far. The list includes "Quantum Break," "The Order 1886" as well as the multiplatform title, "Tom Clancy's The Division."

Evan Wells also talked about the story links between "Uncharted 4" and the previous mainline installments of the series. He revealed that the plot from the sequel can be treated as a standalone adventure as players do not have to experience the earlier titles in order to understand the narrative. Furthermore, he also teased that the storytelling elements in the sequel will evolve although it won't be as big as an evolution as "The Last of Us."

With the recent comments, Evan Wells may be hinting that more details on the upcoming action-adventure game could be coming in the near future. Sony Computer Entertainment has already announced that a press conference will be taking place on June 9, the day before E3 2014 officially starts. With the exception of "Drive Club" and "The Order 1886," the company has been very quiet on its upcoming PS4 lineup.

Based on the lack of information, "Uncharted 4" is unlikely coming out later this year. Instead, Naughty Dog is planning to release a port of the aforementioned "The Last of Us" on the next-generation console. An image showcasing "The Last of Us Remastered" for the PS4 from the official Facebook page of Naughty Dog can be seen on the top side of the article.