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‘Uncharted 4’ not ruled out for release in 2014

Uncharted PS4
Uncharted PS4
Naughty Dog

First announced alongside the launch of the Playstation 4, Naughty Dog confirmed that they are currently working on the next installment of the Uncharted series which will release exclusively on the PS4. News surfaced earlier this week that made it appear as if Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli had announced that it would be unlikely that the title would release in 2014 while answering fan questions on the Playstation Blog. However, Playstation Lifestyle contacted Monacelli on Jan 24 to clarify that the statement was a misunderstanding.

Originally, a fan asked a series of questions which included if the upcoming The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC would include and Uncharted Easter eggs. In the same post, the fan also inquired whether gamers can expect for the next Uncharted game to release in 2014. In response to the questions, Monacelli, Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist, simply stated that it was “Doubtful.”

After Playstation Lifestyle reached out to Monacelli for clarification, he did verify that there was some confusion as he was specifically only responding to only one of the questions that were asked by the user as the other inquires weren’t originally present. Monacelli’s response to the situation was as follows.

I answer the questions when replying. The only question was the Easter egg question. A lot of passion and gossip happening otherwise!

So no concrete release schedule has been set for the game, however, not much is known about the upcoming PS4 Uncharted game. In fact, it is unclear at this time if series protagonist, Nathan Drake, or any of the franchise’s other recurring characters will be returning in the next entry. The only thing Naughty Dog has shown about the game thus far is a brief teaser trailer which showed vague depictions of weathered maps and featured a mysterious voice-over from an all-new character that has yet to be revealed.

Like all Uncharted titles before it, the fourth game in the series will remain exclusive to Playstation consoles. However, the next Uncharted game will be the first one to appear on the Playstation 4 and will only be available on the next-gen system.

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