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‘Uncharted 4’ development length, E3 2014 and ‘Drive Club’ discussed

‘Drive Club’
‘Drive Club’
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

A few more details may have been revealed for the tentatively-titled video game, “Uncharted 4.” According to a report from GameSpot on April 22, an industry insider claimed that the sequel has already been in development for three years at Naughty Dog. He also reconfirmed that the first gameplay of the software product should be shown at E3 2014.

The production of “Uncharted 4” was probably started after the release of “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” in late 2011. The directors behind the previous game, Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond, recently left Naughty Dog, however. Despite concerns from fans, Sony Computer Entertainment has declared that the fourth main installment of the series is still on schedule. The publisher has only shown off a teaser trailer for “Uncharted 4” late last year. However, the insider believes that the first gameplay should be shown during E3 2014, presumably at the company’s press conference, even with the potential development changes.

Another potential first-party exclusive game that should be showcased at the convention is “Drive Club.” The arcade racing game also ran into some trouble in development as it has been indefinitely delayed after being originally announced as a launch title. The game director would eventually depart while some members of the staff were also laid off. The insider stated that he has been getting some “mixed signals” in regards to the project. You can take a look at “Drive Club” from the official Facebook page of the video game with the screen added to the top of the article.

An official release date time frame has yet to be disclosed for “Uncharted 4.” However, Sony Computer Entertainment did confirm that “Drive Club” should be arriving some time later this year. Both video games are only coming to the PS4. So far, the next-generation system has sold exceedingly well even without a strong first-party lineup with more than seven million units sold worldwide.