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Uncharted 2 special edition goes for $3,200 on Ebay


Only costs....three thousand bucks?

Missed out on getting your hands on Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves' super special Fortune Hunter edition? Well, you're in luck! They're going on Ebay for the super low price of....$1,000 bucks?

As of this morning, one auction for Uncharted 2's special edition version (which includes the game, a limited edition box, an awesome art book and that super sweet dagger that people keep stealing from poor Mr. Drake) is currently selling for $1,026.00 with nine valid bids and three days still left on the auction. 

The next best price is a whopping $3,200 bucks.

But hey, free shipping, right?

It's worth noting that the Fortune Hunter edition was not available in stores for the public. Only 200 copies were ever made, and those were distributed via giveaway on the PlayStation Home blog and various other web sites.

To cast your bid, check out the Ebay auctions here.

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