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Unbreakable interview: Al Crespo adds final punch to deliver 'Knockout'

This summer, Germany’s Unbreakable will releases its buzzworthy debut effort, Knockout. The easiest way to describe the band’s look and sound is to imagine a youthful Scorpions playing tunes reminiscent of the legendary group’s 80s era. That parallel is okay with them, as they not only take their name from the Scorpions 2004 album, but Herman Rarebell, who pounded the skins for the German icons for two decades, produced Knockout. This month, Unbreakable vocalist Al Crespo, the band’s newest addition, Skype’d in to chat about the debut album, working with Rarebell, and much more.

Martin Huch

Crespo joined Unbreakable on the eve of recording Knockout, and his voice and intonation frequently recall Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine. The band also includes Martin Ries (guitar), Pascal Alles (guitar), Lukas Mittler (bass), and Alexander Ries (drums). Guitarists Alles and Ries write the crux of the band’s music, while the lyrics are spread around, and often come from the band’s own experiences. One of the album’s quirkier tracks is “Crazy Cat Lady” and the band pays tribute to her in a literal manner, as Crespo shared in our interview above.

Unbreakable recently released its first video for the track, “Rock the Nightlife” (view it here). Herman Rarebell, who also co-wrote many of the album’s lyrics, makes a cameo in the video. The quintet is unanimously pleased with the video, offering:

Our video shoot at Grabowsee near Berlin, Germany was fantastic. We had a lot of fun with Herman Rarebell, Oliver Sommer, and the team from AVA Studios. We filmed the whole day; it was so exciting that we don’t want to stop! So check it out, keep on rocking, and let’s celebrate!

North America will get Knockout first with a July 29 release, while Europe gets its taste on August 18, through Dark Star Records. Once Knockout releases, Unbreakable plan to hit the road hard, showing the world that they can rock and party with the best. Offers the band:

You can expect a high energy rock show and hard power chord guitar riffs with melodic solos, a high metallic voice and driving drum rock beats. We feel like home wherever the stage is!

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