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Unbelievably smart: Russian stray dogs

Stray on subway: Image from

In short, Russian stray dogs from the Moscow area have undoubtedly adapted to the culture that surrounds them.

While this topic is not on my usual discussion of dog products, I found it fascinating and had to spread the word.

Through watching these dogs people have learned that the strays are memorizing and using the subway system much like humans. They have learned that the dogs are taking the subway into the city in the morning because it is easier to "hunt" for food in the city. They then take the subway out of town to sleep in the country "after work" because they enjoy the country life while they sleep. Their inner time clocks sense when the trains are coming and going.

In addition they have started to not cross the busy roads until the "walking" light comes on. Unbelievable, check out the full story, videos and images of the Russian stray dogs on