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Unbelievable but True

Tisha Draft

The other day I was walking my 6 year old granddaughter home from kindergarten when we spotted a small group of people I recognized from a few days earlier when they were clearly filming something near our home. I stopped and said “Hello!" and asked them how their project was coming. Then, being the eternal wise guy that I am, I cheerfully asked if they needed a beautiful young girl for their project. To my utter amazement one of the people, a very nice woman said “As a matter of fact yes we do need someone just like her” as she pointed to my granddaughter. Then she asked if I could be at a location about 20 miles away at 3:00 PM. I said I couldn’t because my daughter had the family car. I figured that would end it but no. Next she offered a ride to and from in a stretch limo parked across the street. Huh! An acting gig with limo service all secured while walking home from kindergarten!?! Vegas would pay about a zillion to one on that. Anyhow off we went and my beautiful granddaughter did her first acting job and we both met a whole bunch of very nice people. Now I know absolutely no one will believe this, not even me, but it really did happen.

The project is entitled “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” written by Tisha Draft and Directed by Danny Foxx. It is an Apple Road Films and One Way Studios production starring Christopher Atkins, Ernest Pierce and Kim Kopf. For complete details please visit:

The target release date is in 2015 with plans of premiering the movie at one or more major film festivals. I will be closely following the progress of this project and you are invited to follow it along with me. This just could be the start of something very big so do take a New York second and subscribe now.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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