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'Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story' to air on Lifetime

Unauthorized is the keyword in the Lifetime depiction of Bayside High's favorite teens. The "Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story" tells the behind-the-scenes story of the teens and tweens who played some of the most iconic Saturday morning characters in the history of 90's television. On Monday, WBUR's Here and Now reported on the drama surrounding this made for TV masterpiece (or disaster depending on who you ask.)

The made for TV movie based on a tell all book by Dustin Diamond. In the book, Diamond depicts his former co-stars as back biting, competitive and a whole lot of trouble. Stories of sex, drugs and scandal are themes in the book that Diamond now says he had very little control over. Of course he did profit from the book and he posed for the cover.

The "Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story" is also executive produced by Dustin Diamond. Although he said in a recent interview that he had nothing to do with production or writing and he hadn't even visited the set. After hearing about the trailer for the upcoming movie, Dustin Diamond even admitted that he never punched a fan in the face. Too bad, that was probably the most believable scene released to date.

Much of the original "Saved By The Bell" cast have not only condemned the book and film but have disputed events contained in both. Mark Paul Gosselaar and Elizabeth Berkley have both spoken out about the "untruths" coming from Diamond. Gosselaar called him negative and says that he has great memories of his days on the Saturday morning NBC hit. Elizabeth Berkley told Hollywood Life, "I don’t know what they are planning, I have no idea! But I am not really curious about it because we know the lives we led and we have no idea what their picture of it is.”

So far the only cast of "Saved By The Bell" who have expressed any interested in watching the unauthorized version of events are Dustin Diamond himself and Lark Voorhies. Voorhies has said she will tune in because the interest from fans after 25 years is flattering.

Whether you love it or hate it, the "Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story" is a must watch for fans of "Saved By The Bell." Tune in Monday, September 1 at 9 p.m. EST.

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