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'Unacceptable Levels' - A Documentary That Touches Everyone

'Unacceptable Levels'  - A Documentary That Touches Everyone
'Unacceptable Levels' - A Documentary That Touches Everyone
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Filmmaker Ed Brown has brought us a documentary that touches everyone on this planet. From the early days of the 1940's up to the present Brown takes a look at what we throw away and how it effects our lives. You see back in the 40's there was no regulated procedures in factory runoff. Their really was no governing body that took a look at what was being dumped into our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. This father traveled extensively to find the answers to the questions that were running through his head.

He really wanted to know what all this pollution was doing to his as well as all children and ourselves. He also wanted to know what we could do about it to safeguard us from these chemicals. With the global disease rates on the rise this is a topic that must be investigated and addressed.

Some 80,000 chemicals come in contact with us daily and some 200 synthetic chemicals are able to get into our systems. This is having a profound effect on our bodies. We need to know exactly what we are up against with this dilemma.

Traveling the world, Brown was able to talk to people like Ralph Nader, Randy Hayes, Stacy Malken, Ken Cook, Christopher Gavigan, and many more who are experts in their respective fields. Brown was able to converse with people who were able to give some insight at what we can do to prevent contamination of our bodies by these chemicals.

You see this is something that needs to be continuously looked at as it seems that most governments, corporations and individuals don't care what goes inside our bodies. We still don't know the long term effects that these chemicals have already inflicted upon us. It is with this documentary that Brown hopes to make people take a look and prevent further contamination of our bodies. Our children are the most susceptible and if we as a adults don't care then we should for our children's sake. They are our future.

The documentary was released in 2013 and has already claimed much attention. Now it's time for all us to become aware of what is out there that we must look at. This is not a joke. Ed Brown has brought this our attention and how we deal with it is up to us. Personally it was an eye opener for me as it I know it will be for everyone on this planet.

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