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UN to frame Vatican for torture

Any stigma to beat a dogma.
Any stigma to beat a dogma.
The American Journal

For the past few months, the UN has revealed that it so obviously has it out for the Catholic church, the next step is for the UN to discard their blue helmets for white sheets (Catholics also being a favorite target of the KKK).

However, instead of the Church's fear that the UN would get sidetracked by claiming the Vatican was guilty of torture due to pederast priests, the UN decided to play another card from the standard deck of issues, the "War on Women."

From the Washington Examiner.

The United Nations is stepping up its attack on the Catholic Church's historic opposition to abortion, suggesting at a meeting Monday in Geneva that it amounts to “psychological torture” of women and should be repealed, a move Vatican officials refuse to consider.

A member of the United Nation Committee Against Torture also charged that the church’s anti-abortion stance has led women to seek out dangerous abortions, according to a pro-church representative at the Geneva hearing Monday.

“They are almost blaming the Catholic Church for unsafe abortions,” said Ashley E. McGuire of the group Catholic Voices USA in a telephone call from Geneva. “The church doesn’t believe there is anything as a safe abortion,” she added.

Among the questions about the Vatican’s anti-abortion position raised by the torture committee Monday was how it impacts the minds of women. One U.N. questioner said the “restrictions amount to psychological torture” of women, according to McGuire. “That’s crazy,” she added.

"Abortion is among the most egregious forms of torture than can be perpetuated against a child, and attacking the church's moral and religious beliefs violates the religious liberty of the church, a human right which the United Nations affirms. Yet, the U.N. Committee Against Torture seems to be setting the stage that if you are pro-life you are pro-torture,” she added.

Now that the UN has redefined thought crime, stomped all over religious liberty if it conflicts with their own ideology, one must wonder what comes next.

Also, it doesn't seem to connect the dots between point A and point B. The Catholic church doesn't believe in abortion ... which "led women to seek out dangerous abortions"... and yet there is no explanation given for how that works. If one isn't Catholic, it doesn't influence the decision one way or another. In fact, the only way that would work is if the Catholic church owned and operated the only safe surgical facilities within transportation range.

McGuire continued by stating the obvious.

“There is a strong bias against the Vatican,” said McGuire, who testified before the torture panel Friday.

The committee is taking testimony from countries like the Holy See that long ago signed an anti-torture treaty. Each are being asked how they have lived up to the pact. The church’s sex scandal and abortion are expected to be attacked during the meetings and in a subsequent report.

But supporters like McGuire want the panel to better understand the church's position on abortion and recognize the Vatican's efforts, especially under new Pope Francis, to implement reforms to fight sex abuse by priests.

"Regarding the matter of the sexual abuse tragedy, it is equally astonishing that the committee would view sexual abuse offenses committed in gross violation of church teachings - as somehow in the same category as state-sponsored or state-sanctioned torture,” said McGuire. “The church views any form of violence or abuse of a child to be a great crime, which is why over the last decade the church has put into place reforms and protocols so strong that they are now being modeled by other institutions, like public schools, that are plagued by rampant child abuse. The committee should not overlook these reforms, in fact they could learn from them."

In other words, what the Catholic Church believes and teaches has a solid impact on reality by "denying" abortion facilities via its doctrine on abortion, but when it comes to abusive priests, any action or doctrine is completely and utterly worthless, and has no impact on reality. Isn't it nice that we cleared that up?

What's clear is that the UN has designed a perfect kangaroo court, where the outcomes have been predetermined. Let's face it, the United Nations knew what Catholic doctrine was going in. They knew the stance on abortion, they knew the stance on abusive priests (after Pope Benedict threw out over 400 such priests, that stance is not a secret), and it's obvious that the testimony wasn't going to change anything. At which point, the Vatican should probably withdraw from the UN entirely until such time as the deck isn't so thoroughly stacked against them.

After all, what's the UN going to do? Invade the Vatican? Sadly, that option may not be entirely out of the question.

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