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UN releases climate change report

There have been several reports and comments made regarding the UN's 2014 report on climate change. However, until just a few days ago the average person wasn't able to see the report to judge the information for themselves. Well, as of March 31st, all that has changed. The UN has finally posted the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report to their website for all to see.

UN report blames climate change on man
Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

The announcement of the posting was made via a UN article, which also listed some summaries, and quotes from the report. The results of the study seem to be that climate change is not only real, and primarily being caused by man, but it also poses an eminent threat to all of the planet's residents.

As usually happens, the anti-global warming people have already begun to jump all over this with their typical lack of scientific understanding. This, of course, accounts for much of the media blitz that occurred, even before the report was officially out. Something similar happened when the previous 2003 report was being worked on as well.

Similar to the earlier report, this new one also has several suggestions as to how to deal with the coming issues that the changing climate will bring. Only time will tell if any of the powers that be will actually listen to them. For the sake of all the life forms on this planet, one can't help but hope so.

Take a look at the report, and then come on back to post your thoughts.

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