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UN: Denying Obamacare to illegal immigrants a human rights concern

UN expresses concern Obamacare doesn't cover illegal immigrants.
UN expresses concern Obamacare doesn't cover illegal immigrants.
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In its fourth report on human rights in the United States, the United Nations Human Rights Committee said that denying Obamacare coverage to illegal immigrants is a human rights concern, CNS News reported Friday.

The report questions what it called the “mandatory nature of the deportation of foreigners” and then addressed health care.

“Finally, the Committee expresses concerns about the exclusion of millions of undocumented immigrants and their children from coverage under the Affordable Care Act and the limited coverage of undocumented immigrants and immigrants residing lawfully in the U.S. for less than five years by Medicare and Children Health Insurance, all resulting in difficulties in access of immigrants to adequate health care,” the report says.

Penny Starr said the report is the result of a lengthy process that began in 2011.

According to CNS, the UN accepted reports from a number of non-governmental organizations in addition to the U.S. government.

Among the submissions were reports on “restrictive abortion laws” and “the impact of religious refusal laws on women’s reproductive healthcare.”

Human Rights Watch, for example, submitted a report on “abusive counterterrorism policies,” and also addressed “discrimination” against immigrants, people of color, Muslims, sex workers and LGBT persons.

The UN also called for “legislation requiring background checks for all private firearm transfers,” and suggested a “review of Stand Your Ground Laws" like the one in Florida that has many liberals upset.

The report also called for no voter I.D. laws, restored voter rights to felons and even expressed concerns about discipline in private American homes.

In short, the report called for every liberal agenda item to be adopted by the United States.

One reader at CNS wondered about the rights of Americans "robbed" of their healthcare, while another told the UN to "go pound sand."



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