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UN control of the Internet because of its inconvenient freedom

No To Censorship
No To Censorship
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The awfulness that is called the Obama administration just got worse if that is even possible. Just what is the reason for the US to hand over control of the Internet to the UN? Why is this better?

The immediate concern here is the UN will interfere and through pressure of countries that stridently restrict free speech will alter the open expression of the Internet to suit their needs. These countries restrict access to the Internet in one way or another but they do not have a say in what the Internet contains from its source, now that can all change.

Even freer countries such as Canada and Great Britain prosecute speech that is "offensive". You don't need full blown totalitarian countries to endanger speech. As long as speech is labeled as such, there's the justification. Read here the dopey campaign to ban "bossey". It's light and funny but at the same time insidious in principle. Now we should ban "bossey" because it hurts girls, how about a whole list of web pages that have the same so-called effect? Why not?

And so what is the underlying motivation to it all? For one thing Obama and the cult of liberalism are not very keen on free speech to begin with. Obama has complained over and over again about oppositional press. His administration has spied on the press, accused a journalist of a crime without making an arrest (James Rosen of Fox News) and behind all this is liberalism general aversion to anyone that opposes their viewpoints. Campuses have been banning Conservative speech for years. This is part of the cults history.

Opposition has been labeled as "racist" "sexist" and as such are "harmful" and therefore provide a moral justification for censorship by the "global" community. The very freedom the Internet allows is the stuff that hurts this cult. Since they place themselves as the moral arbiters of society, anything that is done to satisfy their goals, including "cleaning up" the Internet, is welcomed.

The selling point is the threat of Internet censorship is alarmist and that nothing will change. The answer then is obvious: if nothing will be different, then why hand over the Internet in the first place? The real answer is that they are counting on the kind of insidious censorship that people fear. Obama and his cult see nothing particularly special about the US and its freedoms and in some instances consider these freedoms inconvenient. Even having access to our own doctor is a no no since the cult has better plans for us.

Press freedom is a problem, separation of powers is a problem. Democracy is a problem. The cult cannot seem to get its way all the time. If there is a chance to restrict opposition in the name of a higher moral code, this is okay. The Internet is the biggest obstacle to the cult. This is why it must leave the jurisdiction of the US and its freedoms.

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