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UN condemns Israel for not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas

Iron Dome in action
Iron Dome in action
Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

Among a bill of particulars of alleged violations of human rights by Israel against the people of Gaza, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay listed the fact that Israel has not shared Iron Dome anti-missile technology with Hamas, according to a Thursday story in Breitbart National Security. Iron Dome, partly financed by the United States, has been instrumental in blunting the Hamas terror missile bombardment on Israeli civilians. Pillay complained that no such protection has been provided for Hamas in Gaza.

Israel is currently conducting a campaign in Gaza to eliminate Hamas rocket batteries as well as elaborate and extensive tunnels used to infiltrate terrorists into Israel to commit murder and mayhem. Because of Hamas’ tactic of using civilians as human shields and civilian structures such as schools and hospitals as military sites, this has resulted in numerous civilian casualties in Gaza. Israel maintains that it has no choice but to continue to campaign lest they be forced to endure continued terror attacks from Gaza. Pillay and other critics of Israel have pronounced themselves unimpressed with this argument.

Pillay’s implicit demand that Israel share a piece of crucial defense technology with an enemy that is dedicated to its utter annihilation. It is as if the United States were required to share the Norden bombsight with Nazi Germany or the secret of the atomic bomb with Japan. But it seems to bespeak an attitude that holds that it is unfair that Israel is better at the art of war, including defending its people against terror rocket bombardment, than her enemies.

The United Nations has had a record of bias against Israel, ever since the infamous resolution that equated Zionism with racism that as passed in the 1970s. The UN Human Rights Council has been especially egregious in this regard. Its membership, which includes some of the worse human rights abusers on the planet, including China, Russia, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia, as well as past members North Korea and Iran, might have something to do with that.