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UMC's release first song in nearly two decades

Wake up and smell the Blue Cheese, 'cause they're back!!!!!!
Wake up and smell the Blue Cheese, 'cause they're back!!!!!!

Just when everyone thought the blue cheese went bad, the UMC's have proven us all wrong.

NYOIL (aka Kool Kim) and Fantom (aka Haas G), who rose to prominence with the hit hip-hop album Fruits of Nature as part of the Staten Island-based UMC's, posted a new song to the Internet by the reunited 1990's duo on April 28. The new UMC's Facebook page is here. NYOIL leaving Staten Island for greener pastures, namely Augusta, Ga., didn't stop the magic from happening.

The UMC's are known for songs such as the head-knockers "Blue Cheese" and "One to Grow On."

The song, "I Tried to Tell You," features NYOIL MC-ing to a Fantom beat and can be heard on SoundCloud. The song was briefly posted to YouTube but was swiftly removed by the user. Although some may miss Fantom's words of wisdom here, we still have NYOIL to deliver the message, and Fantom's beat is one to be reckoned with - reminiscent of 9th Wonder or the late Jay Dee.

Columbia, SC has some hip-hop heads that will appreciate the reunion of one of the '90's most prolific duos, as they have another - namely, Outkast.

The new Fruits of Nature are VERY RIPE.

"Nuff said.

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