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Umar Abdul Muttalab bombing attempt condemned

Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab
Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab

The failed bombing attempt by Umar Abdul Muttalab had Muslims around the nation cringe once again. The act of an alleged Al-Qaeda operative, again rendered peaceful Muslims into danger and suspicion that will shape their lives in the coming days and months.

Muslims leaders and groups stand united in their condemnation of the botched attempt to blow up the American airliner.

Hussam Ayloush of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations described the attempt as “an immoral act”. A similar statement was found on the website of MPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, by Salam Al Maryati. The Muslim leadership applauds the heroism of Jasper Schuringa and others on that very fortunate Northwest Flight.

Muslims are pleased that their leadership echoes their sentiments of peace and security, but have concerns of being profiled. Hussam Ayloush went on to say that he hopes that “Muslims would not be profiled as a result of this incident”.

While profiling is a method employed by the authorities to apprehend a “would be attacker”, it can also mislead authorities away from a true suspect, as in the case of Richard Reed. A cliché of the Muslim world is that “All Muslims are not Arabs and all Arabs are not Muslim”. Muslims are diverse and come in all colors and sizes. For this reason profiling would be a very tedious and will not benefit national security on the long run.

Mr. Bassam Mahdawi the Editor of a local Arabic-English newspaper, hopes for tighter security at airports. He said “I don`t mind being at the airport five hours before departure, if it means that we`ll be safe” but also feels that profiling would be upsetting, unfair and counter-productive. The Muslim majority around the world seek to better their lives, just like the rest of the human population.


  • Sue Lette 5 years ago

    I heard from a reliable source that the fizzled bomb scorched the poor guys privates. Do you suppose he's dumb enough to try doing the same thing again?

  • Sue Lette 5 years ago

    I heard from a reliable source that the fizzled bomb scorched the poor guys privates. Do you suppose he's dumb enough to try doing the same thing again?

  • Bassam 5 years ago

    Those readers who pay their taxes in the USA
    ought to ask for a Refund......!!
    due to unsatisfactory services !!
    or even due to non-rendered services !!
    Those readers who do not pay their taxes to Uncle Sam
    may sit back relax and have a good laugh .......Like me .
    The Homeland Security Agency
    has had that Nigerian Young-man of the Delta Airline-Detroit
    on its list of suspect which could be uploaded from any
    embassy computer or even from Airline Computers.
    The USA Embassy in Nigeria
    received a pre-warning from the father of the Hijacker
    who is not just anybody , but was an ex-minister
    and is the Chairman of a well respected bank.
    And we all know the end of this story......

    But US Citizens surely ought to claim a tax-refund !!
    Or the USA ought to cancel all the Visas to people
    with a Muslim name, or Arabic-name
    or even to Yemen-Jews , Iraqi-Je

  • dan 5 years ago

    Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America

    The FBI began investigating the actions of future CAIR officials during a time when they were clearly active working for the interests of Hamas here in America. It can only be concluded through FBI evidence that Omar Ahmad's and Nihad Awad's interests were based in supporting Hamas.

    CAIR officials and members try to deflect these glaring facts with ridiculous statements on CAIR's "work" as the "largest American Muslim advocacy organization," all the while denying that events like the Philadelphia Meeting - that obviously inspired the creation of CAIR to support Hamas - took place the way that FBI evidence, and not CAIR spin, reveals.

  • terror786! 5 years ago

    dont worry mate one day your plane will be down in 2k10
    jus watch out for dat day