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Uma Thurman movie only has 11 audience members

Image Credit: CC

The Uma Thurman film Motherhood is a possibly Razzie contender after its dismal failure when it opened in the UK this weekend. The film only pulled in around $130 (which is around £88 in UK money).  According to report, only 11 people went to see the film over the weekend.

The film is about about an over-stressed mother and the studio spent $6 million making the project. When it opened in America last September, the film also went unnoticed, raking in around $80,000. The film also stars Minnie Driver, Anthony Edwards and Jodie Foster and the studio hoped that the British release would drum up more support for the film than the American one.

The film is only the second biggest flop at British theatres. That unwanted award goes to the Polish director Krzysztof Krauze, who's film My Nikifor took in only £7, roughly $10.50 in American currency. For more information on some of the greatest box office turkeys and flops of all time, check out's introduction and subsequent lists of the worst box office films of all time. Who knows? A great awesomely bad film festival could be in these movies' futures.


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