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UM-Flint Video Gamers' Club to kick off new season tonight

UM-Flint VGC logo
UM-Flint VGC logo
UM-Flint VGC

On Friday, January 29, the UM-Flint Video Gamers' Club of UM-Flint will be hosting its first event of the Winter 2010 semester on the University of Michigan-Flint campus on the 3rd floor of the University Center. As always, the event will be open to both U of M students and non-students, and there will be no admission fee. Perhaps more importantly: there will be free pizza and refreshments for everyone in attendance - for free! The event will begin at 5:00pm, and will continue until 10:00pm.

Although there will not be a particular game title focus or sponsored tournament for this event, gamers are encouraged to bring consoles, games, controllers and televisions so that as many people can be included in the gaming as possible.

At the Video Gamers' Club meeting there will also be a contest for PC/Linux/Mac gamers; Jason Sharp, the UM-Flint Campus Representative, will be giving away beta keys for the not-yet-released computer game, Heroes of Newerth. While specific details concerning the nature of the contest have not yet been announced, it will undoubtedly have something to do with video games, and potentially just being awesome in general. Jason Sharp, for further promotional events and details, can be contacted at

To close, the motto of the Video Gamers' Club: Homework can wait until the weekend; it's time to get your game on! 


  • Adam 5 years ago

    I can't wait for the PC segment of the club to see fruition. The rest is doing so well, and it would be nice to see the club cover all bases.

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