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Ulysses S. Grant, Jr.

Chicago at Twilight in Winter
Chicago at Twilight in Winter
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Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. was born on July 22, 1852 in Bethel, Ohio. “Buck” was the second son of Julia Boggs Dent Grant and Ulysses S. Grant. During the Civil War, he frequently stayed with his grandparents, Hannah Simpson Grant and Jesse Root Grant.

“Buck” Grant studied at the Emerson Institute and prepared for college at Phillips Exeter Academy. He graduated from Harvard University in 1874 and Columbia University Law School. He joined a New York City law firm and became a wealthy attorney.

In 1880, Grant married Fannie Josephine Chaffee (1857-1909), the daughter of Colorado Senator Jerome B. Chaffee. Their union was blessed with five children.

Grant made the acquaintance of Ferdinand De Wilton Ward, Jr. in New York City. They traveled in the same social circles, were married to women from prominent families and desired to increase their wealth. When Ward offered Grant a financial opportunity that seemed ethical and profitable, Grant invested $100,000. In 1884, Former President Grant invested the same amount. Ward’s entire, fraudulent scheme collapsed, and the Grants lost everything.

“Buck” Grant practiced law and regained his fortune. President Grant wrote his memoirs and regained his wealth before his death of throat cancer in 1885.

Grant moved to San Diego, California with his family in 1893. He helped to build San Diego and became one of its leading citizens. He owned and operated the U. S. Grant Hotel in San Diego. His wife Fanny died in San Diego in 1909. In 1913, Grant married America Workman Will (1878-1942).

On September 25, 1929, Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. passed away at the Sandberg Lodge on Ridge Road, just north of Los Angeles. He was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego.

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