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Ultimate yarn crawl

This is the latest book in the "60 Quick Knits" series. The "60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops" use Cascade 220 and 220 superwash yarns. Your local yarn shop is a wealth of patterns and ideas. Now you can discover the favorite patterns local yarn shops from around the country have been offering their knitters of every skill level .

Designers across America

The book is simply laid out. The photographs are large and clear. The instructions include graphs and line drawings where needed. The patterns cover items for babies, adults and home decor. There are patterns that include colorwork, lace and cables for more of a challenge.

'Flowered Headband' by Sandy Payne is an easy knit in soft sage with a ginseng colored flower. A very feminine 4" wide band that is stylish, warm and quick to knit. Nancy Van Hof's 'Faux Woven Scarf' gives the apearance of being woven. This is a seed stitch pattern using a variety of colored yarns. It is as pretty as the 'linen stitch' scarves seen on the internet, without the difficulty.

For the little leaguer in your life, Deborah McQueen Coder has designed 'Baseball Hat'. It is sized for a child (medium). Sure to be a home run. 'Felted Cable Tote' designed by Julie H. Rose is an oversized over the shoulder bag. There is a knotted cable that runs through the handle as well as the bag. It is sure to get years of usage.

Cascade yarn is avalable in a profusion of colors and weights. Superwash wool has been treated to allow you to machine wash your project. This makes it perfect for items knit with babies and children in mind. Can't decide what to knit next? Here are 60 patterns of which you will want to try a variety.

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