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Ultimate Warrior to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

The Ultimate Warrior, who hasn't been seen in WWE since the mid-1990s will return in April to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
The Ultimate Warrior, who hasn't been seen in WWE since the mid-1990s will return in April to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
Casey Rodgers/Invision Agency

In case you missed the announcement on WWE "Monday Night Raw" this week, The Ultimate Warrior was announced as the first inductee into the 2014 Hall of Fame. The induction will take place during WrestleMania XXX weekend in early April in New Orleans. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon offered his reaction to the announcement:

The Ultimate Warrior was the most intense, colorful, competitive and outspoken Superstar in sports entertainment history, and his contributions to WWE were extraordinary. We are thrilled to induct The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Ultimate Warrior was one of the most energetic superstars in WWE history, always charging to the ring at high speed during his entrances. His power was nearly unmatched, as he could steamroll through his opponents often with great ease. One of his most well-known matches throughout his career was his showdown with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI in Toronto. On a night where he walked in as the Intercontinental Champion, he defeated Hogan in the middle of the ring.

This is an interesting selection for the WWE Hall of Fame. There was a lot of obvious tension between the Warrior and WWE through the years, and the announcement of his impending induction has been met with a mixed reaction. Considering several names not currently inducted, such as Randy Savage, Owen Hart, etc., many are surprised that he is on the list to join some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. Warrior took to his Twitter page on Wednesday to address the speech that he will deliver:

First time in my WWE career everyone is in total, absolute agreement agreement: "You don't want to miss the #UltimateWarrior #WWEHOF speech." I agree

Statement? Sure. First one to try to limit #WWEHOF speech to 140 anything - characters/words/pages/minutes/hours - gets clothesline.

It can be assumed that a new inductee will be announced every Monday night until just shortly before WrestleMania XXX, so now all attention will be focused on who else is on the list this year. One name that has been rumored is William "Paul Bearer" Moody, who passed away several months ago. It is widely believed that Moody would be inducted alongside The Undertaker when he came up for induction discussion, but he could possibly be put in this year. You definitely want to pay attention over the next few weeks to see what happens.

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