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Ultimate Summer Movie Preview 14' - August Edition

With NFL training camps in session and preseason games about to start heating up, the calendar has officially turned. I’m glad, considering how few options there will be at the box office later this month. What happened to August? Seems like it wasn’t too long ago we were watching Matt Damon in the latest “Bourne” film, but that was seven years ago. Then it was “The Bourne Ultimatum,” the final Damon installment and film that held the August box office record until last weekend. That’s when “Guardians of Galaxy” came along earning a stout $94.3 million domestically setting the new record. So, kudos to Marvel for doing it once again, this time setting themself up for what should be a month of domination. For that reason alone, I almost took the month off until stumbling upon a few films that should be worth our time.

Jim Caviezel as Coach Bob Ladouceur in 'When the Game Stands Tall'
TriStar Pictures

The Expendables 3 (August 15th)

Sylvester Stallone is either the smartest guy in Hollywood or the luckiest. Because who else in their right mind would have come up with this idea for a series? But, here we are at version number three after the first two earned a combined $579.9 million at the box office worldwide. And what’s crazy is I haven’t even watched the first two, which makes me wonder why I’m even previewing the third. I guess it’s like a car accident; you don’t want to look, but just can’t help yourself. Plus, I just can’t imagine this third installment will be as successful as its predecessors. How could it when it’s basically the same shtick, only now three more washed up action heroes have joined the party. Clearly I’m on the outside looking in for this one, but at some point the gig has to be up, right?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” (August 22nd)

For those that never saw “Sin City,” stop reading this and go find it somewhere because you won’t appreciate this next installment without watching the original. Having said that, neo noir is not for everyone as it emphasizes colors and backdrops in a unique way. But, for yours truly, I love it and can’t wait to see this new film from Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Movies like this don’t come around that often, so I want to soak every bit of it up, no matter how crazy it or the cast might be. Because Rodriguez understands what “going to the movies” use to be about, which is why when you see one of his films, you will be entertained in a manner unlike anything else playing down the hall.

When the Game Stands Tall” (August 22nd)

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for a good sports film, but usually its baseball not football. So, when I first saw the trailer for this film based on a true story, I knew I would be seeing it one way or another. Sports flicks often have some of the most genuine stories, yet no one ever goes to see them preferring to go watch the next big popcorn flick down the hall. That’s too bad, for its films like this that show you the power sports can have on a community when everyone ‘buys in.’ Plus we get to see Jim Caviezel and Michael Chiklis working side by side in something, which should be interesting enough given how rare we get them outside of their work on TV.

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