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Ultimate Next – All in One Calendar – A Versatile Calendar App

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A calendar is one of the most useful features of contemporary smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This way, information, plans and reminders can all be stored in one app and then assessed either by the user or a timed alarm or notification. In spite of this fact, many owners of mobile devices do not realize the full potential a schedule management app can bring. Ultimate Next is one of those applications that offer its users a very advanced software solution that can make sure that no date or event is misplaced or forgotten ever again. The app, developed for the iPhone, the iPad and also the iPod touch platforms, serves multiple purposes. The users can record important events, create a schedule, make a to-do list, calculate a financial status or enter notes for later use.

The app includes a synchronization function with both the Calendar and Reminders, which are built-in, the iOS operating systems, while other features include a iCloud sync that takes place automatically. All functions of the Ultimate Next are available to hand gestures and easy touchpad commands, making the app very efficient in all those situations like business meetings or conferences where it is difficult to take out a pen and a notebook to write things down in an old fashion way. App view is also very clear and readable. The users can change between a weekly view and one that covers a period of a month. Here, any event or note can be examined in detail or filtered to find a set of specific, previously labeled data. This option is valuable for work purposes, but also offers the same advantages in private life.

When it comes to security, the InhoLee design team that created this application made positive that it includes an option to protect any data in it. This is achieved by the use of a passcode, making sure that any private date stays secure even if other people have access to the device itself. At the same time, any data stored in the app (which also includes images) can be forwarded to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, inserted into the iOS camera memory, added to an email or SMS message or embedded in a PDF document.

The most noticeable advantage this app possesses when it comes to its competition is its clear versatile functionality. While others similar apps offer some of these functions, Ultimate Next offers all of them, covering a calendar, note app, reminder and many more. Not only this, but all these functions are interconnected with each other so that any user need can be quickly resolved in a very short amount of time.

Owning an Ultimate Next on an iPhone or an iPad is a sure and complete way to stay up to date in all aspects of life in both the physical and the virtual world.

Price: $1.99