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Ultimate hair how-to: Matrix teams up with Google Glass

Matrix teams up with Google Glass for ultimate how-to

Even wonder exactly why anyone would walk around wearing Google Glass--or if having the 'wearable technology' is really worth it? Well, thanks to a new collaboration between L'Oreal's Matrix haircare and Google Glass, there's finally a Google Glass application that makes sense: Matrix Class for Glass.

The Matrix Class for Glass is a new program for 2014 that has three components: an exclusive Blogger Video Series, The Matrix Eye for Style Google Glass Salon Chair, and a salon professional education platform. Of course, given that it's Google we're talking about here, there are also plans for a Professional Google Glass App in late spring; the app have an exclusive library of content available for download by consumers and professionals.

So what's it really all about? Imagine having a bird's-eye view of all the tricks and moves a pro stylist is making as he's working his magic with a pair of scissors. You're right there, seeing every move--right as he sees it, right from his perspective--rather than from some awkward camera angle.

According to a Matrix press release, "This new initiative will completely transform the hair styling experience," declares VP/ Matrix General Manager Paul Schiraldi. "Wearable technology is the next frontier -poised to revolutionize the way we live and work, in the same way that smartphones and tablets have done. "We're extremely excited to be leading the way in professional and consumer hair education with this initiative," says Schiraldi.

The Matrix Class for Glass exclusive blogger video series will be accessible on, and blogger social media channels. The Matrix Eye for Style Google Glass Salon Chair will feature Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas and will introduce the Matrix Eye for Style Chair at The Andy LeCompte Salon in Los Angeles. Bonus: you'll be able to make an exclusive appointment with Papanikolas, who will then capture your style and finish service via Google Glass and then email the video to you as a personalized at-home tutorial.

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