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Ultimate Gay Fighter: An ethical dilemma in the world of modern gaming

The last couple of months in video game have been some of the more progressive times in years for the industry. However, one developer seeks to breakdown what may be the last barrier left for the gay community.

Gameplay footage
Gameplay footage
Ultimate Gay Fighter Promotional Poster

Michael Patrick, an openly gay man and creator of Ultimate Gay Fighter has received a considerable amount of press concerning his groundbreaking yet highly controversial project. The 2D fighter is meant to be a parody of some of the most iconic fighting games of the last 20 years.

“My game is a whole new thing. When you have gays in a new kind of media, without any kind of background or precedent, I think people's initial reaction is: who did this? Where is this coming from?" Patrick said. "I think somewhere in that the positive message might have got a little lost."

Protest is not uncommon grounds for the video game industry, take for example the Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto franchises. Games such as these attracted attention from the federal government for excessive violence and overall questionable content. Mr. Patrick’s gay themed video game is uncharted waters for video game insiders and the consumers that power the 22 billion dollar a year industry.

In a society still struggling to accept the matter of same sex marriage. Homosexuality has seeped into music, film and fashion for quite some time now. The video game medium is still seen as child’s play, even if the average consumer is of 35 years of age. The ethical precedence that arises from Mr. Patrick’s title is the impact it may have on kids with mobile devices and the parents taking issue with their children being exposed to such a sensitive subject via games.

Ultimate Gay Fighter was announced this past November and will launch this month for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. It will feature 12 levels, achievements, and online leaderboards, In addition, the game riffs on Mortal Kombat's famous "fatalities" by allowing players to perform "gaytalities."

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