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Ultimate Electronics - Trick or Treat?

Ultimate Electronics
Ultimate Electronics
Ultimate Electronics

With Ultimate Electronics recently declaring it's second bankruptcy and inherent liquidation, many people have thought that it would be a great opportunity to buy some great electronics and games for cheap. But in the same vein as Circuit City, that has proven to not always be a good train of thought.

Liquidation sales can be hazardous in that the company being liquidated will mark up their inventory to MSRP and declare that they are having a "sale" on those prices. In a recent visit to a local Ultimate Electronics, many of the prices were actually higher with a 30% markdown then they were before they started liquidating. Right now might not be the best time to score some cheap games or consoles, but give it another few weeks when their inventory is weaning and they are looking to get rid of everything for pennies on the dollar; you might be able to find some golden nuggets if they haven’t already been picked over.

Tips and tricks to employ:

- Don't ask many questions or for too much help; these employees will soon be looking for anothing job and don't really care if you can't find a $5 copy of Mario Kart 64.

- Look behind everything; many treasures are just waiting to be discovered.

- If you have one, bring your smart phone; mobile price comparisons can save you a bunch of cash. Try checking Amazon, eBay, or even Craigslist.

Happy hunting!