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Ultimate Caribbean cruise packing list - Things you don't want to forget

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Breeze
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

When taking any kind of trip, most of us over pack our bags. If you are taking a cruise, these are things that you do not want to forget to pack for yourself. You will end up having to buy them on a cruise ship or port and spending a lot more money. If you are going on an Alaskan cruise, your list would be different. This is for someone going to somewhere such as the Caribbean where they will be enjoying a lot of sunshine.

• Water shoes - Many of the excursions require that you have these with you. If you don't, they will make you rent them or buy them.
• Waterproof Camera- These are perfect for taking pictures the entire trip. You can use them underwater if you go snorkeling. You can buy an expensive one or just buy the simple disposable cameras that are also waterproof.
• Sunscreen
• Bug Spray
• Formal Clothes - Depending on the length of your cruise, you will need formal clothes for dinner one or two nights if you want to go into the main dining room.
• Swim suits
• Lanyard - This is for your ship and sail card. You can buy them on ship, but if you have one already it is best to bring it along.
• Power strip
• Sunglasses
• Motion Sickness Medicine - It is best to bring along some Dramamine or ginger just in case you need it. You do not want to ruin your entire trip by being sick.
• Light Jacket - You might need this in the evenings especially if you have a balcony room.
• Ziplock bags - These can come in handy for keeping many things dry or just organized.
• Passport - Don't forget this one!

Making sure that you don't forget anything can ensure you have a great time on your vacation! Pack your normal clothes and toiletries like you would to stay at any hotel or resort. Most important pack a good attitude and have a great time on your cruise!

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