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Ullr Fest: Breckenridge's winter festival

Ullr Fest
Ullr Fest

Ullr Fest—where the love of winter sports and snow—and a good excuse for a party—has found its home in the heart of Breckenridge every winter since 1963. For any avid fan of winter sports or activities, attending Ullr Fest might be akin to taking a pilgrimage to a holy shrine. That’s no exaggeration, for Ullr, the Norse god of Winter, clearly blessed Breckenridge with some of the best snow and winter recreation opportunities around.

So what better way to pay homage to a Viking god than by storming the streets in hoards, donning the iconic horns, drinking, and hosting a mega bonfire? That’s what the locals thought back in 1963 and so was born this annual festival of winter. Ever since, for one week every winter, the town of Breckenridge transforms and the Ullr festivities take over. From the crowning of the Ullr King and Queen, the bonfire, and the parades, to the thousands of visitors and the Ullr ball, Ullr Fest is a one of a kind experience for any and all to come and enjoy.

A large part of Colorado tourism is due to the great skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities that the can be found in the Rockies. The festival reflects not only a passion for the powdery white stuff, but an appreciation for all it brings Colorado, its residents, and its visitors. Check out for details on activities, the history, Breckenridge lodging, and more. Ullr only comes once a year, so this winter, pack up the skis and let him know you love Colorado winters!