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ULC - Be Careful It is a fine line between memories and obsession.

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Folks there is a huge difference between 'Good Memories' and dwelling on your past. When I speak of dwelling on your past, I speak of both good and bad. There are two reasons for this.

1.) Christ died on the cross to free us from sin. Wherefore if we believe Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior, provided we feel remorse for our sins and seek forgiveness, we are promised forgiveness by our Heavenly Father providing to us salvation and eternal life. Whereas dwelling on our past mistakes is a complete waste of time and energy.

2.) Just the same as dwelling on your past mistakes or shall I say on the bad side of things, dwelling on other aspects of your past are just as much a waste of time or energy and can have even more damaging effects on your future.

Dwelling on your past good or bad prevents you from moving ahead, it causes your life to stagnate. There is a fine line between good memories verses dwelling and/or obsessing on your past.

Let me give to you an example and I am going to use Facebook to do so. Facebook has provided to us the opportunity to reconnect with our past friends, classmates, neighbors and etc. While the majority of those in my past have moved on in life, there are many where more than 50% of their postings on Facebook evolve around the past. It is fantastic to reminisce, however as I said attempting to live in the past is not going to allow you to achieve success and to move on to live in the present or the future.

It has been 40 years since I was in grade school and 35 years since high school, no longer am I the wallflower or loner that I was. I used my childhood to learn from and to make me who I am today. I am not who I was 35-40 years ago.

I am not who I was five years ago, because I am constantly listening to those around me. I seek to learn, absorbing whatever it is I can to implement and to try new things. The minute you stop letting your mind absorb is the day you will surely die.

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