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Ukranian violence continues as mayor of Kharkiv shot

Violence in the Ukraine continues with the mayor of Kharkiv being shot early Monday morning. Hennady Kernes was the target of violence amidst the announcement of sanctions by President Barack Obama. The identity of the assailant(s) is unknown, but an investigation is being conducted to determine who was responsible.

Kernes is in surgery at a local Ukraine hospital to save his life. His prognosis has not yet been announced.

As an opponent of the pro-Western maidan movement, that resulted in a regime change of President Viktor Yanukovich [in February], Kernes was viewed as an organizer of activists from eastern Ukraine sent to harass opposing demonstrators. Kernes says that he does not support Pro-Russia separatists.

Pro-Russian gunmen have seized government buildings and set up roadblocks, in an effort to demand annexation from Russia. In Kostyantynivka, a city 160km from the Russian border, masked men with automatic weapons took city hall captive.


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