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Ukrainian zoo animals starving to death during political rife

Ukrainian zoo animals starving to death during political rife-slide0
Kharkiv Zoo Friends Facebook

Exotic zoo animals are starving to death at the Kharkiv Zoo because there is no money for food reported 8 Months in Ukraine.

Zoo animals were on the verge of starvation until area citizens came through on Saturday.
Kharkiv Zoo Friends Facebook

Zoo director, Alexey Grigoriev had been pleading with the prime minister to help. Animal lovers from around the world worried that the oldest zoo in the Ukraine would lose the animals to starvation. A pregnant elephant was rumored to have been starving and at the point of collapsing.

According to the Daily Mail, there had been barely enough food for the animals to last until Monday. For the last three months, suppliers had been sending over free food for the animals, but now that has stopped also.

Never underestimate the compassion and kindness of strangers and the people of the Ukraine who love the zoo and the animals. On Saturday, the local community joined in to help.

International Women's Day was celebrated at the zoo, and as an incentive for the fundraiser to buy food for the animals, tickets were all half-price. The line backed up forever. Mountains of plastic bags filled with food were delivered including potatoes, cabbage, and apples.

Zoo officials were delighted, and have assured everyone that now there is enough food for all of the animals for the next few days and even longer if visitors continue to buy tickets and keep coming to the zoo.

Posted on the zoo's website today: (translated by "8 Months in Ukraine" blog)

"We thank you all! Our animals have been provided with enough food for the next few days!

We sincerely thank all who helped the zoo during these difficult days: with groceries, with money, or simply by buying a ticket to visit the zoo. We're really pleased that thousands of Kharkovians and guests of the city responded to our cry for help.

Today we received a huge quantity of all kinds of food stuffs, so many that we can barely manage to shelve and count them all. Now we have food for the immediate future, so we must turn away further food donations (especially food that spoils quickly). If you want to help the zoo, please, buy an entrance ticket. If there will be enough visitors, the zoo itself will be able to provide all necessary food in the future."

A Facebook page, Kharkiv Zoo Friends has been created for people wanting to follow the situation.

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