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Ukrainian Troops Begin Offensive

Ukrainian Troops Begin Offensive
Ukrainian Troops Begin Offensive
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Ukrainian President Poroshenko called off the cease fire that had lasted two weeks. The cease fire really never stopped any of the fighting between Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces. Poroshenko tried to get groups together to sit down and talk about what to do in the East and how to diffuse the situation. He talked with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande about what the region needed. He talked with Russian President Putin about maybe having Putin sitting down with the rebels and trying to get them to sit down with Poroshenko but to no avail. Putin like usual talked a good game but never really wanted the rebels to stop fighting.

Hours after the ending of the cease fire Ukrainian troops began a military offensive that included artillery and air assaults as well as troop assaults on Eastern Ukrainian cities controlled by the Russian Separatists.

Russian President Putin has immediately once again stating that he would allow Rusian troops to invade Ukraine in an effort to defend the rights of Russian speaking people. I believe we heard this same sad story in the Crimea. You remember when all those poor Russian speaking people where being so horribly treated. Putin has done nothing but instigate this whole situation from the very beginning.

This situation started when former Ukrainian President Yanukovych was going to sign a trade agreement with the European Union and instead listened to Putin and went for his deal. This led to Yanuknovych fleeing the Ukraine and turmoil beginning in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The Crimea later would go back to Mother Russia and Russian Separatists in the Eastern Ukraine to revolt against Kiev. Putin all along has stated he is only doing this for all Russian speaking people.

Casualties are being reported on both sides but so far the offensive is going well for Poroshenko and the Ukraine. If Poroshenko could get the rebels to sit down and talk without any other countries represented they might have a chance at peace. Right now you have Russia, the European Union and the United States sticking their nose into the mess. Truthfully, Poroshenko needs to simply sit down and talk with the rebels and maybe just maybe they can end this before more bloodshed takes place.