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Ukrainian Revolt Is Coming To An End

Ukrainian Revolt Is Coming To An End
Ukrainian Revolt Is Coming To An End
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The Russians, who used to lead the rebel separatists, are now back home. They left when it all began to unravel. They knew the Russians were not going to stick their necks out for them and it was time to walk away from a lost cause. For a little over five months they were in the news and called themselves Prime Ministers of an almost nonexistent country. Luhansk has fallen and Donetsk is getting pounded by artillery and ground to ground rockets. Their is little left to fight for but there is still a leader and his name is Fyodor Berezin. You say that you might know him. Well up to some six months ago he was an obscure science fiction writer. He has written a play and some short stories but really, in other words, he is a nobody.

Berezin's rise to power even confuses him but for right now he is living in one of his science fiction novels. He talks of futuristic armies that don't even exist and battles that will never take place. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in the retreating mode and wants to still come out of this smelling like a rose. The Convoy that was to resupply the rebels has never made it across the border.

The United States and Europe have been raising the stakes of the sanctions where they are now starting to take effect and hurt Putin where it counts, in the wallet.

Putin has acquired the Crimea and that should be enough. As long as Putin can keep the Crimea then he will make a little sum of money This is a revolt that was doomed from the get go It should have never gone this far and now it's up to the Ukrainian government to try and make peace or just wipe them off the face of the planet