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Ukrainian Rebels To Make Final Stand

Ukrainian Rebels To Make Final Stand
Ukrainian Rebels To Make Final Stand

Ukrainian President Poroshenko called off the cease fire last and has been on the offensive ever since last weekend government troops ousted the rebels from Slovyansk and Kramatorsk which had been strongholds for the rebels. The rebels have been blowing up bridges as they make there way back to Donetsk and Luhansk. It is here that it looks like they will fight their final battles.

The Ukrainian Separatists have been for months trying to form a Russian backed separate state in the Ukraine. For some time they did have the backing of Russian President Putin going as far as being brought to Moscow to talk over strategy with their Russian patrons It seems Putin has distanced himself from the rebels

This all started when he former President of Ukraine was going to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. He was basically run out of the country when riots began to break out all over the Ukraine. An interim government took over and would eventually lose the Crimea to the Russians. Putin had claimed that Russian speaking people in the Crimea were being bullied and terrorized. The Russians sent arms and troops into the Crimea. A vote was eventually taken and the Crimea went back to Mother Russia.

President Poroshenko would eventually win the national election and at first wanted a peaceful solution to the problem in the Eastern Ukraine. When a cease fire was called even President Putin suggested the rebels sit down and talk with the government. During the cease fire the Ukrainian Government would sign a trade agreement with the European Union and Russia flexed but never did anything to stop it.

Now it seems the final battles of the conflict seem to be coming. The rebels will be digging in and the government will bring all guns to bear on the last two strongholds. Civilians will be caught in the middle and will pay for it with their lives.

It is now the time for all to come together and put an end to this conflict. The loss of life that could be coming is not worth what they are fighting for. Russia stepped into this conflict and once promised things to the rebels but now seem to not want to back them up. Russia got what they wanted it has the Crimea and all the offshore oil which is worth trillions of dollars. Ukrainians need to put down their arms and become one nation again.