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Ukrainian Peace Talks Accomplish Nothing

Ukrainian Peace Talks Accomplish Nothing
Ukrainian Peace Talks Accomplish Nothing
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

You would think that after a second attempt of resolving the conflicts in Eastern Ukraine that some headway might have been accomplished. On the one side you have the interim government of Ukraine and President Arsenly Yatsenyuk and on the other side you have regional governors who have held referendums declaring themselves independent of Ukraine. The chairman of the regional government of Luhansk Valery Holenko stated at the conference held in Kharkiv that the referendums were more of a protest against the government of Kiev. He wants Western Ukraine to remove its soldiers and to stop the anti terror operation taking place in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

The west are not listening to this as they feel that the Russian backed terrorists need to stop and that the insurgents need to put down their weapons and talks can resume. Eastern Ukraine states that they have lost any respect for the Kiev government and want to have independence of the west.

While the talks were going on fighting was taking place in the city of Slovyansk. against pro-Russian forces. On Saturday morning g when all the dust cleared you could see the wreckage left of the fighting the night before. Russia reacting to the fighting in Slovyansk commented on the situation by saying that Western Ukraine was using the talks as an excuse to cover its increase escalation of violence in the city. Once again Russia does nothing constructive to help in the peace process.

The government of Kiev will not sit down with the insurgents as they are believed to be terrorists an will continue to try and bring them to their knees. The elections coming up at the end of the month are probably not going to look favorably on the government of Kiev. The possibility of anything coming out of next Wednesdays meeting with the Eastern officials is most likely not going to be good. Unless all parties involved can sit down and air their disagreements and have little or no Russian interference will this ever come to an end.