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Ukrainian Festival 2010 in Baltimore

            ?? ??????? That’s Ukrainian for “Are you ready?” As in, are you ready for the 34th Annual Baltimore Ukrainian Festival? The festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday (September 11-12th) at Patterson Park in Canton.

            The festival is not all that different from last year’s festival, bringing its visitors dancing, vendors, and food food food! The pierogies and potato pancakes are a must. They are greasy and delicious. For those that are really serious about pierogies, sign up for the pierogi eating contest! I lost count of how many were eaten last year. And it’s always the smallest person who wins! For the more bourgeois palette, fancy restaurants such as Ze Mean Bean Café usually have stands. For the people who don’t like ethnic food (what are you doing there?), festival staples such as deep-fried Snickers can also be found.

            Need something to wash down all that grease? Check out the Ukrainian Beer Garden. This is usually a popular hangout for festival patrons. Here you can also find the famous “ski-shot.” Four or five people can all take a shot of Ukrainian honey liquor (similar to Greek raki). A note to anyone considering this: make sure everyone is around the same height, or the short folk will have honey-liquor-scented shirts!

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