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Ukrainian crisis creates flirtation of World War III

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As the world watch and listens to the current situation in Ukraine, between the nation and Russia, one can't help but assume that we are flirting with World War III. The crisis is not getting lighter but instead increases dramatically as days goes by. With new development on the way every second around the hour, it is apparent that Russia has more control over the peninsula and nation , then the media is alerting the world. All we can do is hope that a domino effect of war does not take place as it did a 100 years ago, sparking the First World War; you my ally, so if you fight I fight mentality.

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One can and could have possibly understand logically where Russia President, Putin argument or notion is coming from but it is still not right to trespass on another nation. At the end of the day, it's about the money Ukraine owes Russia, as the nation and Putin speaks of interest, not just the safety of the Ukrainian Crimea Ethnic Russian people. This makes even more sense why the United States Secretary of State, John Kerry arrived in Ukraine with a billion dollars to pay the nation's ransom, in that the nation, in so many ways is being held hostage by Russia for debt. It is quite simple what this all about, money, power, and respect.


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