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Ukrainian computer systems attacked by Russian intelligence 22 times

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Ukrainian companies have been attacked by malware suspected to be Russian.

According the British defense company BAE Systems, Russia has been attempting cyber-attacks on the Ukrainian government for months now.

BAE says they can identify the attacks came from a Russian time zone, but a German company, G Data Software, has announced that the espionage definitely has “Russian roots”.

“Snake” malware was used to gain access to computer systems of large companies to steal data said an article by the Associated Press quoting the BAE report which came out Wednesday.

The report goes further to call the software “sophisticated”.

G Data also identified the malware to have been the one that United States military bases in 2008 based on the encryption key and the presence of the Russian language.

This is a rough time for a report like this to be released because of the troops that have invaded Crimea and Viktor Yanukovich fleeing Ukraine.

Other countries identified by BAE to have been the victim of similar cyber-attacks include the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Belgium, Georgia, Lithuania, and the United States.

See the A.P article here.