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Ukrainian Civil War Updates

Ukrainian Civil War Updates
Ukrainian Civil War Updates
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again adding more troops and heavy artillery to the Ukrainian border. This is to offset the victories of the Ukrainian government troops in recent days. Russia is supplying twelve 200 mm rocket launchers to the Ukrainian rebel Separatists. The Ukrainian government is now on the outskirts of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. Which for the past five months has been under rebel control. In recent weeks Donetsk citizens have been either heading toward Moscow or to Kiev and have been tying up the roads, but as more have fled the city the Ukrainian government is now able to move as the city is now almost a ghost town. Whether Prime Minister Borodai is going to remain in the city or flee back to his native Moscow is yet to be seen.

The United States has been in recent weeks deciding just how to proceed with this conflict. President Obama wants more help from Putin in attaining a cease fire so the conflict doesn't get worse, but with the increased troops and heavy artillery it's obvious Putin isn't interested in a cease fire. Satellite photos have also caught Russian Artillery firing from Russian soil into the disputed Ukrainian territory. The United States is looking into being able to give the Ukrainian government more up to date information about rocket launchers that the rebels are using. Russian simply calls anything that comes from the America a smear campaign.

As for the Dutch investigators trying to scour the area of the Malaysian Flight 17 crash site, once again rebels are not allowing full access or simply hindering the investigation outright. One of the crash victims parents were able to make it to the area and tried to look for their daughter. Not knowing whether she is one of the bodies that have been flown out has been killing them and they just wanted to see the crash site. So if you just try and make your way to the site it is possible but if you try and diplomatically attempt to you are held up.

The Ukrainian government is finally making headway into this conflict and with American help may be able to finally turn the tide around to take out the rebels without full war with Russia. Finally something that you could put in the comics section of the newspaper, President of the United States Barack Obama is not welcome in Chechnya. My point being is who cares and who would want to go to Chechnya. Is everybody in that region of the world simply stupid or what. I'm sure there will be more to come out of this comedy of horrors.