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Ukrainian Civil War Continues On

Ukrainian Civil War Continues On

When a Ukrainian military transport was shot down recently President Poroshenko vowed to make the rebels pay. Just last week Ukraine's military attacked the rebels in the port city of Mariupol. Each day there are skirmishes and battles and this has turned into a civil war. It had begun with separatists wanting to rejoin Russia but when Russian President Putin couldn't talk the rebels into lowering their weapons even he has backed off a little.

Don't get me wrong Russia has done little to ease the situation and by keeping most of Russia's troops on the Ukrainian border Putin has left his options open. Putin instigated all of this situation back last fall and now that he has the Crimea he really doesn't need to be involved anymore. Putin wanted to increase his hold on oil options in the Black Sea and with the Crimea he now has increased his possible holdings in oil into the billions.

Eastern and Western Ukraine have always been at odds. One wanting to lean towards Europe and the other to Russia. Is it possible that something like this was going to happen. Putin just pushed it along and the world let him. Sanctions are the modern version of what tariffs were a hundred years ago. They really don't do anything at all. None of the sanctions imposed on Putin have really mattered.

Since the election Poroshenko and Putin have briefly met at the D-Day celebrations a couple of weeks ago. The pleasantries were made but there is no love loss between the two. What has occurred recently is that President Obama has increased the American presence in the surrounding countries. The Americans are in the Ukraine but are in Poland and other nearby countries. This is in turn forced Putin to back down his rhetoric at least for the time being. What has also taken place is that fighting has increased in Eastern Ukraine. Unless President Poroshenko can sit down with the rebels nothing will stop the bloodshed.

Europe and The United States are not willing to send troops into the Ukraine but they would be be willing if Russia was to actually send in troops. Up till now that doesn't seem to be an item to be worried about. President Poroshenko has his hands full and the world hopes he can somehow bring about a change that will benefit all concerned.