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Ukrainian Cease Fire Ends

Ukrainian Cease Fire Ends
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

You know the funny thing about Ukrainian President Poroshenko's truce with the Russian Separatists never really existed. Oh don't get me wrong there were maybe five or ten minutes that one side or the other actually stopped fighting but it was only to reload. The attempt at peace by Poroshenko was on the surface true to its fundamentals. Simply put the "Chocolate King" actually did want to stop the fighting that had taken place in Eastern Ukraine for the last three or four months. Problem is no one else really cared.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had been contacted, and talks had taken place between the two presidents, but Putin made no real big moves to talk with the Russian Separatists in any attempt to have them put down their weapons. All along Putin has stated that he has no control over the rebels. What's funny is some of the rebel leaders were spotted in Moscow a month ago.

America stated that if Putin didn't try to meet with the rebels and try and work toward peace that there would be more sanctions. More like the ones already in existence that really haven't done a hill of beans.

The European Union with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande in attendance on Monday attempted last minute talks with Poroshenko but to no avail. The European Union and the Ukraine signed a trade agreement during this so called cease fire which is why Putin didn't make much of an effort to curtail any more violence.

So what's left for the Ukraine? Well, since no one really wants to stop fighting I'd have to say more bloodshed will come. The death toll at this point is around 400 but this figure will rise quickly. The Ukrainian military is on the move and had already started to bomb cities like Slovyansk which have been a stronghold for the Russian Separatists. Can the Ukraine survive this much longer? I guess that depends on who is supplying the rebels with weapons and who is resupplying the Ukrainian Nationals. No this will not end well. At conclusion the true participants in this civil war will be shown. This is becoming an East/West conflict and I just do not mean Ukrainian. Putin's true intentions will eventually become news and we will see the true side of this evil genius.