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Ukrainian Artillery Shelling Donetsk

Ukrainian Artillery Shelling Donetsk
Ukrainian Artillery Shelling Donetsk
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Ukrainian rebels are surrounded in the city of Donetsk by government troops. The shelling of the city by artillery and ground to ground missiles is taking its toll on the rebels and the civilians of the city. The Prime Minister of the Donetsk Separatists Aleksandr Zakharchenko has asked for a cease fire due to the avoidance of a humanitarian crisis that is about to overcome the city. The Ukrainian government has not agreed and is continuing to shell the city. The time for cease fires seem to be over and it looks like an all out push to crush the rebels is on.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has stated on Saturday that he would allow humanitarian aid under these conditions that it must come from an international rather than say a Russian source and that no military accompaniment would be allowed. That it must pass through Ukrainian border checkpoints under Ukrainian troop control. Donetsk is losing all of its utilities slowly but surely. The streets are empty of car traffic and pedestrians. It is only a matter of time before the city will fall.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has continually asked for a humanitarian mission be allowed to enter but the west don't trust Putin anymore and believe that if allowed the Russian mission would also bring military armament to the rebels.

To be honest it is about time Russia start to take care of its own problems. It seems Russia who last week placed sanctions on Western goods is going to have a very hard winter with less food for its citizens. It seems Putin has already been in contact with Latin America requesting more from them in trade agreements when it comes to produce and beef. Some of which the Latin community will not be able to comply with. Now if Latin America was to contact the United States to help with the order then Russia may be able to overcome its up coming problems. Which is kind of ironic if you think about it.

The Ukrainian government at the moment seem to have the upper hand and if the shelling of Donetsk continues the rebels will have to capitulate and surrender or die defending a city that is truthfully not worth dying for.