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Ukrainian Air Force Base attacked by Russia

Map of Crimea region
Map of Crimea region

A Ukrainian Air Force Base – Belbek Air Base - in Crimea has been attacked by pro-Russian forces firing shots and crashing through concrete walls with armored personnel carriers. At least one person has been injured, according to a Yahoo! News report on Saturday.

Crimea secession: The vote to join Russia

Crimea: The Will of the People vs. Obama

In the Black Sea peninsula, Ukrainian military bases have been seized by Russian forces since midweek. Of course, the area was overwhelmingly voted by its citizenry to secede to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is at odds with President Barack Obama and other world leaders over its overtaking of Crimea in the Ukraine. Sanctions have been issued by Obama on two occasions while Russia has issued sanctions back to those who oppose their rule over Crimea.

The major concern over the move Russia has made into Ukraine territory is that the country will continue to take over the remainder of the country, even though Putin has said that Russia has no intention of going beyond Crimea.

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