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Ukraine Standoff Coming To Crossroads

Ukraine Standoff Coming To Crossroads
Ukraine Standoff Coming To Crossroads

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met in London for about five hours on Friday but could not agree on anything solid in the face of uncertainty. Coming Sunday in the Crimea is a vote for the southern portion of the Ukraine to decide whether to create its own country or to go back with Russia. Either way there is no talk of staying within the Ukraine. That seems to be a certainty. Crimea is out.

This week we saw President Obama and interim Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk attempted to come to some sort of agreement or understanding as to what they are going to do, but all they could come up with is sanctions. President Putin of Russia is not worried about sanctions.

Once again all across the Ukraine pro Russian and pro Ukrainian groups clashed over the upcoming Crimean vote. Let us not forget that this is the type of action that brought Russia across the Crimean border. What's next? The call for help for mother Russia to come and protect all those Russian loving Ukrainians from being hurt. No shots were fired but I think if Russia pushes this time there could be some shots fired and a couple of people killed.

Russia right now as we speak is having maneuvers on the Ukrainian border within the Crimean peninsular. The European Union has finally spoken up and has said that sanctions are coming if Russia doesn't give in and remove itself from the situation.

Doesn't anyone get it, Russia is not leaving and by the end of the weekend could have all of the Ukraine under its sphere of influence. Putin has seen what the world is going to do and he is going to flex more muscle and acquire more property and probably going to do it with out firing any shots.

The United States sent a single ship into the black sea and some fighter jets to make some runs in Poland. This has been the military response to this situation. Folks, Putin is sipping his vodka and laughing at the stupidity of the world. I can't wait to see what's next, stay tuned.